One piece Fuel Tank Ducati StreetFighter_2



Our R&D team, in cooperation with leading research institutes such as Slovenia's Jožef Stefan Institute, develops each FullSix part to the optimal combination of composites, resins and paints. Here are some details of what we use on each FullSix fuel tank.

  • Each part has a UV resistant finish that can be 120 to 150 microns thick. Before applying the outer cladding, each surface is carefully cleaned and sanded for optimal grip.
  • Each fuel tank receives internal coatings that are resistant to gasoline and ethanol, so all surfaces that come into contact with the fuel are not chemically affected.
  • Brass inserts are pre-laminated to prevent micro-corrosion. The geometry of each insert is studied to prevent the inserts from rotating or falling apart under high stress.
  • Inner tube is the same multi-layer tube used by OEM manufacturers. They are resistant to petrol and are specially designed for each fuel tank.
  • To form a complete seal, a special insert is used between each piece of hose and brass insert. There are two Viton O-rings for each seal and a locking mechanism (as used in the OEM automotive industry).