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ACM Technology

FULLSIX is the inventor of Autoclave Composite Monocoque (ACM) technology and is the only company in the world that is able to produce a high decorative finish complex-shaped closed-body monocoque out of a single carbon fiber-based unit (e.g. a one-piece fuel tank for motorcycles). This technology is directly applicable for fabrication of various one-step closed-body monocoques, where no cutting, trimming and bonding is required. In contrast to conventional bonding, ACM technology provides monocoques with supreme mechanical strength, chemical resistance and a flawless finish.


Monocoque fuel tank

Despite claims that it was impossible, we have successfully utilised our innovative ACM technology in manufacturing a flawless hollow carbon fiber part.  We have developed a tank that solves the problems that plagued carbon tanks in the past - meaning they were only bought by the bravest of motorcyclists.  Rest-assured, today you can forget the difficulties associated with the tanks made of two parts. You no longer need to be concerned about leaking seams which made carbon fiber fuel tanks the most dangerous part of a motorcycle.


Our groundbreaking ACM technology represents a novelty in technology and production - a special innovative technological process developed by FULLSIX for manufacturing hollow pieces without joints and adhesives.


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