Since 2008, FULLSIX has been one of the world leaders in the production of high quality carbon fiber parts, as an aftermarket manufacturer. We are among the world’s leading brands in the automotive and motorcycle industry and we are passionate about developing the best products. Our young and highly qualified staff is the driving force behind our commitment to offer you only the most innovative products. We guarantee only the best for your motorcycle: a perfect look, precise fitting, outstanding performance and supreme quality. Our passionate pursuit of perfect carbon fiber parts has consolidated our position in the world market.


The brand FullSix was designed with the desire to achieve perfection. Through the use of autoclave technology and new composites we guarantee our customers only the best carbon fiber products. Our innovative manufacturing processes make us the only company in the market which is able to ensure flawless production. The quality of our manufacturing processes is reflected in our latest cutting-edge product from Slovenia and we have achieved something no one thought possible: a perfect one piece carbon fuel tank.



Our vision is to become the world leader in the production of the highest quality class of carbon fiber parts for motorcycles. We aim to achieve our goal step-by-step, focusing on technological innovation, hard work and a constant pursuit of perfection. From Slovenia, the home of many world recognized brands in the motorcycle industry, we are introducing the highest quality range of carbon fiber products to the world market. Our innovations in the field of manufacturing and production, such as our proprietary Autoclave Composite Monocoque (ACM) technology, make us a pioneer in the industry.