Product certificate

FullSix carbon fiber parts guarantee an excellent appearance and perfect manufacturing. By using state-of-the-art technology and an innovative blend of materials, we assure you that our parts will upgrade your motorcycle both visually and in terms of performance. We have paid particular attention to ensuring that all carbon fiber parts are UV protected through the use of special lacquers, as we know that our customers desire eternal beauty and perfection.


We accept no compromises, we take no shortcuts. Careful attention is paid to details to achieve that final sparkle that is the difference between good and supreme products. Good looks are not all we are proud of. Using state-of-the-art technological solutions, we ensure that each part is completely compatible with your motorcycle. All parts and accessories that are needed to install your Fullsix product are included, so you can install every piece yourself.


The uniqueness of our products is not just an advertising slogan, but the underlying philosophy of our company itself. Since we believe in providing only the best for your motorcycle, we have developed a unique production monitoring system that ensures that all Fullsix products are manufactured according to the latest protocols and “best-in-the-industry” standards. Through the use of unique barcode technology, CDT Group is teh only company in the market that is capable of tracing products through the entire manufacturing process, resulting in products that you  completely trust.


Fullsix stands for perfect looks, precise fitting, outstanding performance and supreme quality.